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Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

As a platform, WhatsApp has immense reach with over 1.5 billion daily users utilizing the platform on a daily basis. Up until now WhatsApp was primarily used for personal chats,

WhatsApp has now come up with WhatsApp for Business account and Business WhatsApp API. Given the enormous presence of users on this platform, this could open up huge potential opportunities for the business and radically change the way the business interacts with its customers.

WhatsApp can be used in various forms by a business. You can use it as a chat interface, as a marketing interface, as a service interface amongst other things.

Depending upon your need, we offer several WhatsApp focussed services like.

·               Whats App API Integration strategy

·               Chat Interface strategy

·               Service workflow strategy

·               AI strategy

·               AD designing and development

·               WhatsApp reports


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1. Business WhatsApp Account Setting

2. WhatsApp Marketing Guide

3. Business WhatsApp Account set up and Website Integration

4. Business WhatsApp API

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